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    Running Back to Toronto

    Couldn't resist.

    Downtown Toronto - we are staying at the eclectic Templar Hotel (no secret handshake needed) is a mixture of great sights, noise, long walks, the clang of trolleys, great restaurants and did I mention noise? Barb calls it the honky city because you hear a honk every few seconds and they aren't the friendly toots of London, they are the road ragey honks of New York. Here is an overview our discoveries and a pictoral journey for your viewing pleasure from funky statues to artsy wall hangings:

    The Blue Jays on Canada Day. Does it get anymore Canadian than that? Very emotional opening ceremony and we thank our lucky starts to be born in this great country and have lived the live. Free red ball cap tops it off - so to speak. At the last moment we bought game tickets and ended up in the nose bleeds but it was cooler in temperature than the seats in the sun, gave a great view of the entire surface, and despite one noisy Detroit supporter, all the fans were great. JA Happ had a let down, got surprised by a squeeze bunt, and boom that was the ballgame.

    Doobie Brothers & Steely Dan

    A long walk along Lake Shore boulevard and the beautiful Toronto harbour front brings us past the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), BMO field where the Argonauts play and then our final destination – the Budweiser outdoor stage. 

    It was super hot and so many, many people had a Bud or 5.  We stuck with water. Onstage first were the Doobie Brothers. Original member Tom Johnstone had dyed his hair and mustache and to Barb looked exactly like Burton Cummings of the Guess Who. He really did. Patrick Simmons (strangely he played his strat with a thumbpick) had aged but still had the energy to lead us through South City Midnight Lady and Black Water – two of Tom’s faves while the crowd sang along.

    After the Doobies rocked us down the highway Steely Dan, led by the aging voice of Donald Fagen and sadly, minus Walter Becker, got us all jazzed up through Aja, Black Friday and Hey 19. 

    It got late, the drunks started being stupid and it was time to walk home guided by the beacon of Toronto’s lighthouse, the CN Tower. You cannot miss it – a Canadian Eiffel Tower - that we followed through the cool breeze from the lake.

    Some great food and wine was available throughout the section of Toronto we prowled and from spaghetti to gluten free sandwiches we enjoyed them all. Certainly the sidewalk cafes were our favourites.

    Do you know what this is? It is a pizza cutter and works perfectly. Available at Home Sense the server told us!

    Toronto's harbourfront is a lovely thing to enjoy. Whether it is food or watching the planes or people, a walk along the lake with people fishing or just hanging out trying to stay hydrated and cool is a pleasure.

    Barb feels relaxed sitting on the King Street........ retirement yay!! She now has time to stop and smell the flowers!

    Stay tuned for an update on more Jays featuring the return of Bautista, those damn Yankees and a musical theatre down the way from our hotel. Stay frosty my friends.



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